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Episode 6

Posted in Download,Episode by terraceradio on August 7, 2007

Below is the DIRECT download for Episode 6, for your enjoyment on your computer or MP3 player at your internetless convenience.

Remember you can also cheggidout on Bebo and MySpace! We’ll be updating this page as often as we can when the download exceeds its’ limit of 100 downloads (which is always an encouraging chore, thank you!) but if it isn’t working please let us know!

Episode 6 – Direct Download (35.64MB @ 96 KBPS)


Hot on the heels of our Mega Pre-Season extravaganza, The Terrace is back
with an all new episode. This week we’ll be looking back on an intriguing
first weekend in the Clydesdale Bank Scottish Premier League.

We’ll also be tackling Rangers fans’ bigoted chants at Inverness, the Rowan
Alexander debacle outside Fir Park on Saturday and the prospect of life
without Craig Gordon – but with £9 Million – for Hearts fans.

We will also be welcoming back The Debate, where Alan and Craig have a
couple of typically heated ‘discussions’ regarding the best route for the
best Scottish talent, and whether or not Hearts captain Craig Gordon is
worth the £9 Million which is being reported. Top 5 is also back, fresh from
our Top 5 new signings in SPL we will be doing the same for the English
Premiership, as we count down the best signings in that league this summer.


3 Responses to 'Episode 6'

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  1. anime14 said,

    Is that a real show or what? Now i just have one question? Have u seen the Ouran Hist Club?

  2. terraceradio said,

    Of course it’s a real show!

    We’ve seen Ouran Host Club, but not Ouran Hist Club 😦 Yet!

  3. anime14 said,

    Sorry i meant 2 type host club but i forgot the o. Anyway is that a good show? Is it like the host club or not?

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