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Posted in Fantasy Football by terraceradio on August 11, 2007

Fantasy Fitba

Good morning/afternoon/evening kids,

Hope you enjoyed or are enjoying the prospect of being enjoyed by Episode 6! Episode 7 will be recorded sometime in the middle of next week.

This quick mail out is NOT to remind you that the Premier League starts on Saturday but that as by some amazing coincidence: so does the Fantasy Football!

The official Premier League website has a pretty faultless system and is easy to pick up and keep tabs on, but we’ve also setup our own Terrace mini league as mentioned in Episode 5.

We’ve promised at least SOME prizes for the winner, it just depends on how much football tat we can hoard from PR companies before the end of the season!

Our league code is:


All you need to do is sign up and tippy-tap that into the League Code box once you’ve picked your team; and more importantly designed your own strip!